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Finding a Job is Easy simply is a tool that allows for jobseekers and companies to connect and find each other.

If you are searching for a job in Libya, the Middle-East or North Africa, then the process on is a simple one. Just register for an account and fill out your information on one of our many resume templates. Our resume templates are professional, customized and are also printable so that you can have a hard copy of your resume. Resume templates are available in Arabic or in English. Your resume can be edited at any time. In addition, you have full control of your privacy settings and can control who has access to your resume.

Once you have completed your resume, you are now ready to apply for the job listings on the website. We recommend that you search through both the Arabic and English job listings in that not all the Arabic postings are the translated versions of the English listings or vice versa – they may be completely different postings. Once you have found the job position that you would like to apply for, simply click on the “apply to this” button so that your resume is automatically sent to the Employer. You can apply for more than one job listing at a time.

You can also help your friends or family find jobs. If you see a job description that will suit someone you know, you can inform them of the opportunity by sending a link, adding it to Twitter or Facebook (buttons are provided next to each job listing in order to simplify this task). has powerful search features that allow you to narrow down your search for jobs. You can filter by category, location and so on. In addition, potential employers can browse the resumes of site members (if the members allow open access to their resumes). In this way, allows both jobseekers and employers the opportunity to preview any available information before taking the next step.

As job vacancies change regularly, we recommend that you visit the site on a regular basis to have the best chance of obtaining your dream job.

Finding the Right Employee for your Company

Companies can benefit from in two ways: 1. registered companies are able to view visible resumes and 2. companies can create job postings by using our smart format which is flexible and easy to use.

Once you have registered your company at, logging in with your details will take you to the main page – the dashboard – where you can add, view and edit your job listings and view the resumes of the applicants applying for the jobs.

Adding a listing is simple. Clicking on the “add post” button will take you to a job listing template where you can fill in the job details. The labels are all editable so that you can customize your job posting to suit your company’s needs. Job listings can be edited any time and automatically saves your information as you type it. allows you to post your job listings in Arabic or in English and is kept separate for your convenience. The same applies to the Applicant resumes.


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