Frequently Asked Questions

How much do listings cost?

At this  time, is providing free listings to all companies.

How long will my listing be online?

Three months.  After that, the listing will no longer be public on The listing will still be on your account where you can re-list it.

How much it cost to add a CV?

Free 🙂 Job seekers can add their CVs always for free, you will have the ability to add English and Arabic CVs and as many as you wish.

What’s the difference between full-time, part-time, and freelance?

These terms are used loosely throughout the employment world and can mean different things to different people. But in the context of, we’ve defined the following for each of these job types:

Full-time is a salaried position, usually on-site and long-term, and typically 40 hours per week.

Part-time is similar to Full-time in description however, the hours of part-time is less than that of Full-time work, usually less than 30 hours per week.

Freelance is outsourced work, usually a short-term commitment, and work can often be done from anywhere. Internships are on-the-job training that may or may not be paid work.

Where will my listing be seen?

In addition to listings being featured on, listings are also posted on Facebook and Twitter. Together, these sites capture millions of pageviews every month and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors – increasing and speeding up the process of finding the right candidate for your job listing.

What kind of response to my listing should I expect?

We place emphasis on quality of applicants, not quantity. Some employers receive many applicants, while others receive only a few. To an extent, you can affect the kind of response you receive by attracting applicants with your listing text. Also try to be very specific in the job requirements. Taking these steps will help narrow down the search.

I applied for a job, how do I know they received my CV?

Once you have applied for the job, you can find your submitted application in your dashboard under “Your Total Applications.” The company will then contact you if you qualify for the position through your contact information in your CV.

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