About us

Job.ly was launched in 2008 and since then has provided free services for those seeking jobs in Libya. Initially, Job.ly concentrated its activities solely on the Libyan job market but has since expanded its operations to include employment opportunities throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Job.ly’s website has now been updated and several features have been added to aid those in search of that ideal job in Libya.

As information resources were limited for the Libyan job market until the launch of Job.ly, we aim to rise to the challenge of providing a comprehensive service to all companies offering jobs in Libya. The site will also serve as a source of information for all those who desire a job in Libya, providing advanced features designed to make it easier for employers to connect with qualified candidates.

job.ly is powered by Libyan Spider, an IT company based in Libya.


  • Hadi Naser

    Founder of job.ly

    Mr. Naser founded job.ly because he saw a need for a specialized job portal in Libya after going through it himself. He is the founder of Libyan Spider, an IT company based in Libya. He found it difficult trying to find the right candidate and also advertise his job postings in Libya as there was no professional specialized portal that offered these services in Libya.

    He knew that he was not the only employer facing these problems and decided to provide Libyan companies and job seekers in Libya a means of connecting with each other so that the right employee would find the right employer and so job.ly was born!

    Today job.ly has expanded its services to cover countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Wesam Alalem

    Web developer and administrator of job.ly

    Mr. Alalem is the sole developer of this exciting project. He received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2003 from the University of Tripoli. He brings with him years of experience in php, mysql, javascript, and database development.  He heads the web design and development department at Libyan Spider.

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